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DISARM Platform to Share Strategies to Reduce Livestock Antibiotics
USAgNet - 11/19/2019

DISARM, an active network dedicated to finding innovative solutions for antibiotic resistance has launched new range of platforms this month inviting farmers, veterinarians, agricultural advisors and others to join discussions about farmed animal health and antibiotic usage, and encouraging them to attend the first official DISARM event in Brussels Dec. 3.

The DISARM Project brings people together from agricultural sectors across Europe to share knowledge and ideas, both online and in person. It aims to reduce the need for antibiotic treatments in livestock farming by keeping animals healthy, preventing disease and promoting appropriate, prudent use of antibiotic treatments.

New resources developed by the network include a dedicated DISARM website, which provides details on events and workshops, and the DISARM Community of Practice, a Facebook-based discussion group where members can ask questions and share their ideas and experiences, facilitating the sharing of knowledge and innovation between stakeholders and livestock sectors across Europe. Discussion topics will include breeding, genetics and early life management for robust and resilient animals, biosecurity, housing, feed, water and additives and precision livestock technologies.

The first official DISARM event, which will take place in Brussels on 3rd December, will present the project and include a discussion forum and Q&A session. Those unable to attend in person can participate online via livestream. Details about this event, and how to keep updated on DISARM's progress, is available on the DISARM website. Interested parties can also subscribe to a DISARM newsletter or follow the network's activities on social media @projectdisarm.

The International Dairy Federation (IDF) joined the DISARM project in 2019, to help promote responsible use of antibiotics in livestock farming by actively identifying, sharing and disseminating best practices.

IDF advocates prudent and responsible use of antimicrobial agents within the global dairy sector to ensure that they continue to be effective in curing diseases in animals while minimizing the risk of developing AMR. This is an important measure to prevent or reduce the transfer of resistant micro-organisms within animal populations, the environment and between animals and humans.

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