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Farm groups rally for bipartisan approach to farm bill
USAgNet - 09/29/2023

Today, more than 20 organizations representing a wide range of the food and agriculture industry came together to send a vital message to Congress. Their goal is to avoid a government shutdown and shed light on the importance of considering the farm bill.

The letter, sent to both the House and Senate leadership, encourages a bipartisan approach to the appropriations process. The organizations are emphatically urging Congress to act promptly to prevent any delays. The urgency stems from the impending expiration of the farm bill, a key piece of legislation for the agriculture sector.

The message to Congress is straightforward: Find a bipartisan path forward to avoid a government shutdown and address federal government funding without further delay. The clock is ticking, with very few days left in the congressional calendar this year. The aim is to get the farm bill conversation underway, and the legislation passed before the 2024 presidential election cycle starts.

Farmers and ranchers are in need of a modern farm bill. The current one, signed into law in 2018, was effective, but the scenario has changed significantly since then. With the current state of operating costs and farm inputs, a robust conversation and considerable investments are needed. This will ensure that farm and ranch families continue to have a safety net, adapting to the evolving needs of the agriculture sector.

The united front of these organizations underscores the significance of the farm bill. It is a pivotal time for the agriculture industry, and a timely resolution is imperative to ensure the well-being of farming and ranch communities.

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