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USDA opens nutrition hub with Southern University
USAgNet - 10/02/2023

The USDA, in partnership with Southern University, has just rolled out a brand-new Nutrition Hub to shed light on and help with dietary diseases that often affect communities that aren't given enough attention.

Their main goal is to spread scientific info about nutrition. This isn't just any info but the kind that will truly benefit communities hit hardest by problems like obesity, diabetes, and some cancers. Think of this as an upgrade from USDA's Climate Hubs, which already support over 20,000 folks each year.

This initiative isn't out of the blue. Remember the White House's big conference on hunger and nutrition? This Hub aligns perfectly with those goals, focusing on how food and good nutrition can keep diseases at bay.

Dr. Chavonda Jacobs-Young from USDA says this isn't just a project. It's a mission to change how we think about food in our communities. And they're investing big, with Southern University coming on board to lead the charge.

The Hub will craft and share nutrition info, connect communities with food programs, foster research, and aim to make a nutrition-savvy future workforce.

Most chronic diseases can be dodged with the right diet and lifestyle. So, the Nutrition Hub's big dream is to turn research into real-life solutions for better health.

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