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Wheat production soars in Texas, dips in Kansas
USAgNet - 10/02/2023

Have you heard the advice, "Don't rely on just one thing"? The USDA's data says Texas wheat is doing great, Kansas had a drop, and Oklahoma's steady.

Rich Nelson from Allendale gives us the scoop. "USDA added a cool 68 million bushels to this year's wheat production," he notes. But here's a fun fact: it's not all about the hard red winter wheat.

Overall, we've got 1.81 billion bushels in 2023, 10% more than last year. Now, let’s dig deeper. Oklahoma planted 4.5 million acres of winter wheat this year, a 6% jump from 2022. A steady 6.8 million bushels, the same as last year.

Kansas, on the other hand, had some swings. Planting went up by 11%, but the harvest down by 12%. This year, they're expecting around 201.25 million bushels, which is 17% less than 2022. A bit of a roller coaster ride!

Texas is the real MVP here! They planted 21% more, harvested 61% more, and with 37 bushels per acre, they're predicting a whopping 77.7 million bushels. That’s almost double from last year.

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