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USDA unveils weaned calf risk protection
USAgNet - 10/02/2023

Heard about the USDA's new insurance option? They're introducing the Weaned Calf Risk Protection in places like Colorado and Texas.

Imagine you're a beef producer. In Springtime, your cows give birth, but risks like bad weather can mess with your yield. That's where this new policy jumps in. It's like an insurance safety net for your cow-calf operations, making sure you're covered against nature's unpredictability.

RMA's head honcho, Marcia Bunger, says it's all about choice. Just like crop growers have a menu of insurance picks, ranchers should too. And this new addition, it’s like a tailored suit, crafted to fit every rancher's unique scenario.

This isn't just your standard coverage. It’s the real deal, guarding against both price drops and yield losses. Think of issues like droughts, pests, or even unexpected weight drops in calves.

For the tech-savvy, this gem will be up for grabs from Jan 31, 2024. You can even choose how much coverage you want, from half to a whopping 85%. And it's not alone; it joins the big family of livestock insurances like LGM and LRP.

So, ranchers, gear up! With this new option, managing your beef operations just got a whole lot smoother.

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