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Ohio Ag News Headlines
Key To Corn Success Is Getting It In The Ground Properly
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/12/2024
About 15 years ago I had the chance to attend a session of the Farm Journal’s Corn College out in Illinois. The primary speakers that day were two well-known agronomists, Ken Ferrie and Missy Bauer. Although time has erased much of the event from my mind, there were two discussions that had been imprinted on me. The first was around the pros and cons of different tillage tools regarding corn root deve . . .

It’s Time to Get Ready for Planting Season
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/12/2024

Navigating Weed Management in Forage Systems
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/12/2024

Maximizing Soybean Yield - The Importance of Sulfur
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/12/2024

Tornado's Effects Linger 25 Years Later
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/11/2024

Moth Capture Leads to a Quarantine of Some Plants in Southwest Ohio
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/11/2024

Engineers Making a Better, More Profitable Grid for Distributing Solar Power
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/11/2024

Ohio Victory Gardens Program Expands to 64 Counties
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/11/2024

Tips for Successful Spring Forage Establishment
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/11/2024

Ohio Farm Bureau Health Benefits Plan Now Offered to All Sole Proprietors
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/10/2024

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