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Ohio Ag Weather and Forecast - February 19, 2024
Ohio Ag Connection - 02/19/2024

In the latest Ohio agricultural weather update, the week commencing February 19, 2024, brings a pleasant beginning characterized by a gradual moderation of temperatures and abundant sunshine throughout most parts of the state. Midweek temperatures are projected to surpass normal levels, fostering favorable conditions for the rapid melting of any residual snow, accompanied by robust evaporation rates.

As we move into Wednesday night, an increase in cloud cover is on the horizon, accompanied by a slight influx of moisture into northern Ohio. Areas situated from US 30 north may experience scattered rain showers, delivering varying amounts ranging from a few hundredths to a few tenths.

Progressing through Thursday, a weather boundary gathers moisture, resulting in more substantial rainfall. Regions extending from US 30 south are poised to receive combined rainfall ranging from 0.25″ to 1.5″, enveloping over 90% of the area. The precipitation is expected to taper off shortly after sunset on Thursday, as illustrated in the event rain totals map for Ohio.

Transitioning into Friday, temperatures are expected to cool slightly, yet the day remains dry with a mix of clouds and sun. This dry weather trend persists through the weekend, with temperatures moderating to some extent.

Looking ahead to the subsequent week, Monday starts with dry conditions and ample sunshine. However, by Tuesday, cloud cover builds up, giving way to scattered showers. The likelihood of rain persists throughout Wednesday, with anticipated total rainfall ranging from 0.25″ to 1″ and covering 90% of Ohio.

Towards the end of the week, temperatures may experience a mild decrease, but they are expected to stay within the normal to above-normal range. This comprehensive weather outlook serves to inform the public about the diverse conditions anticipated across Ohio in the coming days and weeks.

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