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Frank Lucas wins 16th term in congress

Frank Lucas wins 16th term in congress

By Jamie Martin

Veteran Oklahoma Congressman Frank Lucas has clinched his 16th consecutive term in Congress, running unopposed in the Republican Primary.

With a resounding victory, Lucas secured over 73% of the votes cast in Oklahoma's Third District, ensuring his return to Washington.

Following his reelection, Lucas expressed his commitment to pivotal roles in the new Congress. He aims to maintain seniority on the House Agriculture Committee, essential for advancing crucial legislation like the 2025 Farm Bill. Additionally, Lucas eyes leadership positions on the Financial Services Committee, underscoring his influence in financial policy discussions.

In an interview with Oklahoma Farm Report's Ron Hays, Lucas highlighted his immediate focus on advancing the 2024 Farm Bill through the House. He emphasized the need for bipartisan cooperation to propel the bill through the Senate and into conference, outlining his strategy to collaborate with Senate counterparts for legislative progress this year.

Lucas remains a stalwart figure in agricultural policymaking, navigating complex legislative landscapes to benefit Oklahoma farmers and rural communities. His reelection solidifies his role as a key advocate for agricultural interests in Congress, promising continuity and leadership in agricultural policy formulation.

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