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USDA Boosts Ohio farms with $4.9M in clean energy investments

USDA Boosts Ohio farms with $4.9M in clean energy investments

By Andi Anderson

Ohio's rural landscape is set to undergo a sustainable transformation, thanks to nearly $4.9 million in investments from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Rural Development's Rural Energy for America Program (REAP). This funding supports 40 projects across the state, focusing on renewable energy systems and energy efficiency enhancements.

Jonathan McCracken, Ohio State Director for USDA Rural Development, highlights the significance of these investments in alleviating rising operating costs for rural businesses and agricultural producers. The projects funded under REAP not only lower energy expenses but also foster resilience in farm operations and small businesses.

Throughout the current fiscal year, USDA has allocated over $7.2 million to 49 Ohio businesses and agricultural producers through REAP. These investments drive the adoption of renewable energy and energy-efficient systems, bolstering economic vitality and sustainability in rural communities.

Among the recent grant recipients are various entities embracing clean energy solutions:

  • Spire Academy in Geneva receives $1 million for a 1.17-Megawatt roof-mounted solar array, expected to save $53,500 annually.
  • Fine Swine, LLC in South Solon secures $555,206 for a 466-kilowatt ground-mounted solar array, projected to save nearly $46,800 annually.
  • 5th Canal Property Management, LLC in Ashtabula is awarded $42,740 for energy-efficient LED lighting and insulation upgrades, aiming to save $10,873 annually.
  • Purdum Farms, LLC in Bainbridge receives $151,013 for an energy-efficient grain dryer, anticipated to save $8,100 annually.
  • AK Athletic Equipment, Inc. in Canal Winchester obtains $146,059 for a 147-kilowatt ground-mounted solar array, set to save $21,000 annually.
  • These projects represent a diverse range of clean energy initiatives, from solar arrays to energy-efficient equipment installations, benefiting farms, small businesses, and communities across Ohio.

USDA's REAP program plays a vital role in promoting rural economic development and sustainability. By providing financial support for clean energy projects, REAP empowers businesses and agricultural producers to thrive while advancing environmental stewardship. Interested parties are encouraged to explore REAP opportunities and join the movement towards a cleaner, more resilient future for Ohio's rural landscape.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-brian-brown

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