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Scattered Rains Help Ohio Corn and Soybeans
Ohio Ag Connection - 08/20/2019

Scattered rains helped some corn and soybean fields last week, according to Cheryl Turner, state statistician, USDA NASS, Ohio Field Office. There were 5.7 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending Sunday.

Fields that received scattered rains last week were helped while fields not receiving any rain continued to suffer. Rainfall was sporadic and scattered even within counties with some areas of a county receiving an inch or more of rain while other areas in the same county received no precipitation. Overall, State level topsoil and subsoil conditions improved, though this improvement was not experienced evenly across Ohio.

Crop conditions continued to deteriorate and remained in much poorer shape than 2018. Much of the corn in the State was pollinating or just past pollination and growers not receiving any precipitation, either naturally or through irrigation, were concerned about grain fill. The same concerns existed for soybeans as pod fill began in over half of Ohio fields. Growers continued to hope for a later than normal killing frost this fall.

Conditions last week were generally favorable for fieldwork. Growers kept busy applying herbicides and fungicides, hauling manure, harvesting hay, tilling fields, and planting cover crops.

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