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Ashtabula kids discover farm safety

Ashtabula kids discover farm safety

By Andi Anderson

Ashtabula County Antique Engine Club hosted a successful Ag Safety Day, where nearly 100 children delved into the world of farm safety. Organized by the Ashtabula County Farm Bureau and the Progressive Agriculture Foundation, the event provided hands-on learning experiences for kids aged 4 and above.

Rachel Kalas and Lisa Berkheimer spearheaded the event, coordinating 12 informative stations covering various aspects of farm safety. From petting horses to learning about first aid and farm equipment, children received practical insights into staying safe on the farm.

Participants came from diverse backgrounds, with some living on farms and others simply eager to learn about farm safety. Parents recognized the event's importance in instilling safety habits in their children, regardless of their farming involvement.

Brittany Hall's horse safety station allowed kids to interact with the animals while learning essential safety protocols.

Chelsea Fowler and Jane Lynch, among others, valued the opportunity for their children to gain knowledge about farm safety, ensuring they could navigate farm environments safely.

Ag Safety Day succeeded in educating children about the potential hazards of farm life and equipping them with the skills needed to stay safe.

Through engaging activities and practical demonstrations, the event fostered a culture of safety awareness among Ashtabula County's youth.

Photo Credit:pexels-fauxels

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