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Northeast Ohio's patch to plate strawberries

Northeast Ohio's patch to plate strawberries

By Andi Anderson

Strawberry lovers in Northeast Ohio rejoice! The season for these delicious fruits has arrived earlier than usual, with some farms starting pick-your-own as early as May 31st. This is a significant change from the typical June 10th start date.

The early warmth spurred early growth, but a late-month cold snap impacted some blossoms. Nevertheless, many farms are reporting a successful harvest of delicious berries.

Unlike their supermarket counterparts, locally grown strawberries are known for their delicate flavor and short shelf life. To savor their freshness, pick them early in the morning and handle them with care. Refrigeration is not ideal, and washing should be done just before eating.

The good news is that these berries freeze beautifully. Simply wash, dry, and hull them before placing them in a single layer for freezing. Once frozen, transfer them to a sealed bag for long-term storage.

While the season looks promising for some farms, others are facing challenges. Labor shortages have forced some to reduce operations or skip pick-your-own options. Calling ahead to check availability and picking hours is always recommended.

Whether you choose to visit a farm market or pick your own, Northeast Ohio residents can enjoy the delightful taste of fresh, local strawberries earlier than usual this year. Remember, these seasonal treats are perfect for enjoying fresh or freezing for later!

Photo Credit: pexels-pixabay

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