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Ohio farm bureau pushes for supreme court review

Ohio farm bureau pushes for supreme court review

By Andi Anderson

Ohio Farm Bureau has submitted a brief to the U.S. Supreme Court, urging consideration of a case vital to Ohio landowners. The case, O'Connor v. Eubanks, revolves around whether a state can be sued in federal court for a "takings" claim, particularly regarding unclaimed funds.

Leah Curtis, Ohio Farm Bureau Policy Counsel, emphasizes the broader implications beyond unclaimed funds, notably for eminent domain and inverse condemnation claims. Ohio's lack of an inverse condemnation claim necessitates a complex legal process for landowners, hindering their ability to seek proper compensation.

The potential for federal court access offers a streamlined legal avenue and the chance to recover attorney fees, crucial for landowners facing property disputes. This shift could empower landowners to protect their rights more effectively.

Ohio Farm Bureau's involvement in such cases isn't new. The organization previously filed briefs on eminent domain issues, notably in Knick v. Scott Township, which paved the way for takings claims in federal court. However, current restrictions prevent claims against states from accessing federal courts.

Curtis acknowledges the time-consuming nature of the process. The Supreme Court may not decide until the fall, with arguments and a verdict likely in early to mid-2025. Despite the potential delay, the outcome could significantly impact landowner rights across the country.

Ohio Farm Bureau's dedication to advancing agriculture and supporting farmers underpins its involvement in legal matters. Learn more about their mission at

Photo Credit: ohio-farm-bureau

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