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Ohio house unanimously passes feral swine ban

Ohio house unanimously passes feral swine ban

By Andi Anderson

The Ohio House's unanimous passage of H.B. 503 marks a significant step towards protecting Ohio's agriculture sector from the threats posed by feral swine.

The bill, introduced earlier this year, aims to prohibit the importation and hunting of feral swine in the state, addressing concerns related to disease transmission and environmental damage.

The Ohio Pork Council's advocacy efforts played a pivotal role in garnering support for the legislation, with Cheryl Day, the Council's executive vice president, expressing optimism regarding the bill's bipartisan passage in the Senate.

The bill's provisions not only seek to mitigate the risk of disease outbreaks, including African swine fever, but also address the substantial economic costs associated with feral swine damage to land, crops, and water sources.

The Ohio Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA) emphasized the importance of the bill in protecting animal health and maintaining Ohio's position as a national leader in agriculture and animal health industries.

Additionally, various agricultural organizations within Ohio, including the Cattleman's Association, Soybean Association, Sheep Improvement Association, Poultry Association, and Dairy Producers Association, voiced their support for the legislation.

During deliberations, bipartisan praise was directed towards the Ohio Pork Council for its leadership and the proactive nature of the bill.

Representatives highlighted the bill's significance in safeguarding Ohio's livestock and crop producers, emphasizing the need for legislative measures to prevent potential threats to the state's agricultural interests.

With the bill's successful passage in the House, attention now shifts to the Senate, where further bipartisan support is anticipated.

The collective efforts of stakeholders aim to ensure the enactment of legislation that prioritizes the protection of Ohio's agriculture industry and the well-being of its farmers.

Photo Credit: gettyimages-seastock

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Ohio pork industry celebrates victory with H.B. 503 Ohio pork industry celebrates victory with H.B. 503

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