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Ohio pig farmers boost greater cleveland food bank

Ohio pig farmers boost greater cleveland food bank

By Andi Anderson

In a heartwarming show of community support, Ohio pig farmers, through the Ohio Pork Council's (OPC) Pork Power program, have donated $3,000 to the Greater Cleveland Food Bank.

This contribution is part of an ongoing effort to alleviate food insecurity in Northeast Ohio, ensuring that high-quality, nutritious pork reaches those most in need.

Karen Pozna, Director of Communications and Events at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank emphasized the significance of such donations: “I can’t stress enough how important these donations are to make sure that we’re getting the food out to the people who need it the most. The need is still greater than ever.”

In 2023, the food bank served over 400,000 individuals, distributing nearly 52 million pounds of food across Ashland, Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, and Richland counties.

Remarkably, 100,000 of these people were first-time visitors to the food bank, highlighting the growing demand for assistance.

Dave Shoup, DVM, a producer and past president of the Ohio Pork Council, shared insights into the farmers' motivations: “For us as pig farmers, we know the role that pork can play in the diet and want to see our products within reach of everyone, especially the food insecure. We know that in these tough economic times, donations earmarked for meat protein can be especially important to those seeking their next meal.”

The Greater Cleveland Food Bank not only provides food but also assists people in signing up for SNAP benefits and accessing other resources to support their dietary and living needs.

Karen Pozna added, “Often, if someone needs food, that’s just one problem they are probably dealing with. So, we can try to help connect them to healthcare, employment, education, and much more.”

The Pork Power initiative is an embodiment of the pork industry’s We Care ethical principles, demonstrating the commitment of Ohio pig farmers to sustainable practices and producing high-quality protein for today’s consumers.

This initiative not only addresses immediate nutritional needs but also fosters a broader commitment to community support and sustainable agriculture.

Photo Credit: istock-apichsn

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