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Ohio State leads food waste initiative

Ohio State leads food waste initiative

By Andi Anderson

The Ohio State University has been awarded a $2.5 million grant from the USDA to lead a pilot consumer campaign addressing food waste. Professor Brian Roe will oversee the initiative, focusing on reducing food waste in U.S. households.

Roe, a renowned expert in the field, will collaborate with Rutgers University to develop educational materials and messages to combat food waste. The campaign aims to mitigate the significant amount of food wasted in American homes, contributing to overall food loss reduction efforts.

The USDA's investment in this initiative is part of a broader strategy to combat food waste. Recent efforts include a $57 million investment from the American Rescue Plan Act and renewed collaborations with agencies like the EPA and FDA to reduce food loss and waste.

Roe's previous research highlights the confusion surrounding food labeling and its contribution to food waste. He advocates for clearer labeling standards to reduce unnecessary discarding of edible food.

The pilot campaign seeks to empower consumers with knowledge and strategies to minimize food waste, thereby reducing environmental impact and saving money. By targeting household waste, the initiative aims to address a significant contributor to landfill methane emissions.

The collaboration between Ohio State University, USDA, and other agencies underscores the collective commitment to tackling the issue of food waste from farm to table. Through education and advocacy, efforts like these strive to create a more sustainable food system for the future.

Photo Credit: ohio-state-university

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