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Ohio's 2024 maple syrup production sees robust growth

Ohio's 2024 maple syrup production sees robust growth

By Andi Anderson

The 2024 maple syrup season in Ohio concluded with a strong output of 96,000 gallons, as reported by Ben Torrance, State Statistician at the USDA NASS Ohio Field Office.

This production placed Ohio eighth nationally, demonstrating the state's significant role in the U.S. maple syrup industry.

Ohio's maple syrup operations utilized 400,000 taps this season, achieving an average yield of 0.240 gallons per tap.

This efficiency underscores the state's effective syrup production practices and contributes to its reputation as a leader in the maple syrup market.

Nationally, maple syrup production saw a substantial increase in 2024, totaling 5.86 million gallons, which represents a 17 percent increase from the previous season among comparable states.

The number of taps used across the country rose to 17.1 million, a 5 percent increase from 2023, with an improved yield per tap of 0.342 gallons.

The economic landscape for maple syrup shifted slightly in 2023. The average price per gallon fell to $32.80, down $1.70 from 2022. Consequently, the total value of U.S. maple syrup production in 2023 dropped to $159 million, reflecting a 23 percent decrease from the previous year.

This year also marked the commencement of maple syrup production estimates for several states including Connecticut, Indiana, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, and West Virginia.

This expansion in reporting aims to provide a more comprehensive view of the industry’s growth and trends.

Ohio’s robust performance in maple syrup production is part of a broader trend of increasing productivity and efficiency in the industry.

As the state continues to refine its production techniques and expand its capacity, it remains a vital player in the national market, contributing significantly to the overall growth of the U.S. maple syrup industry.

Photo Credit: pixabay-johan1127

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