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Celebrate agriculture - National Ag Day on March 19, 2024
Ohio Ag Connection - 02/22/2024

Mark your calendars for March 19, 2024, as the Agriculture Council of America (ACA) declares it the 51st National Agriculture Day, themed "Agriculture: Growing a climate for tomorrow." The celebration encompasses virtual and in-person events, uniting students, industry leaders, and organizations to highlight the significance of agriculture in our daily lives.

Scheduled activities include a virtual Ag Day program and in-person events in Washington DC. ACA invites students to engage virtually with legislators and agency representatives, fostering dialogue about the future of agriculture. A core leadership team of college students, alongside representatives from national farm and commodity organizations, will participate in the DC events.

Jenny Pickett, ACA President, emphasizes the active involvement of students from AFA, 4-H, FFA, and MANNRS in the 2023 National Ag Day. Their enthusiasm and advocacy provide insights into the evolving landscape of agriculture, shaping the industry and America's future.

The USDA Economic Research Service highlights that over 22 million jobs are related to the agricultural and food sector, constituting approximately 10% of all US employment. Pickett emphasizes the diverse career opportunities within agriculture, extending beyond traditional on-farm roles.

As part of the celebration, ACA encourages every American to understand the production of food, fiber, and fuel products, appreciate agriculture's role in providing safe and affordable products, recognize its economic impact, and explore career opportunities in the industry.

The National Ag Day program extends beyond March 19 with the Ag Day Essay Contest, where students create video essays on the topic of "Agriculture in the Future: If I had two minutes to talk to a farmer." The winning essay will be presented on National Ag Day.

Sponsorship opportunities for Ag Day 2024 are available, offering a chance to support and engage with this impactful celebration. Visit for more information or contact Jenny Pickett for sponsorship details and inquiries.

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