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Ohio's Agricultural Success: A Model for Pennsylvania's Economic Growth
Ohio Ag Connection - 06/02/2023

In a powerful affirmation of the pivotal role of agriculture in economic development, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro attended the grand opening of Carbon County Farms Greenhouse. This significant event emphasized the importance of the agricultural sector in driving growth and prosperity within the state.

Drawing inspiration from neighboring Ohio, Governor Shapiro emphasized the success of the Buckeye State in prioritizing agricultural investments and harnessing the potential of the sector. He highlighted the fact that Ohio, despite having a smaller population than Pennsylvania, has made seven times the investment in economic development. By recognizing Ohio's achievements, Governor Shapiro aims to replicate its success in Pennsylvania.

The Carbon County Farms Greenhouse opening signifies Pennsylvania's commitment to fostering innovation and sustainability in agriculture. Governor Shapiro stressed that agricultural initiatives are not only essential for economic growth but also crucial for supporting small towns and rural communities. By investing in the agricultural sector, the state aims to ensure that rural areas have the necessary resources and opportunities for sustainable development.

Taking cues from Ohio's thriving agricultural landscape, Governor Shapiro's first budget proposal includes substantial funding for the Pennsylvania Farm Bill. With an allocation of $13.8 million, this investment aims to bolster the agricultural industry, enhance farming practices, and provide support for farmers across the state. Additionally, the budget includes $1 million to establish a new Organic Center of Excellence and $500,000 for the creation of a Center for Plant Excellence.

Governor Shapiro's vision aligns with Ohio's agricultural success story, emphasizing the need for bipartisan collaboration and a common-sense approach to foster economic growth. By prioritizing agriculture as a central pillar of Pennsylvania's development strategy, the state aims to create a vibrant and sustainable agricultural sector that generates jobs, boosts local economies, and ensures food security for its residents.

With the opening of Carbon County Farms Greenhouse and the commitment to agricultural investments, Pennsylvania is poised to unlock its full agricultural potential and set a path towards a prosperous future, mirroring the achievements of its neighboring states like Ohio.

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