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Ohio Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification Requirements
Ohio Ag Connection - 09/29/2023

Ohio law requires anyone who applies fertilizer to more than 50 acres of agricultural land to be certified. This includes anyone who applies fertilizer to their own land, as well as anyone who applies fertilizer for hire. There are two ways to get certified: take a three-hour training class or pass an exam.

To find a fertilizer certification training class, contact your local Ohio State University Extension office. The exam is offered online and at various locations throughout the state.

Once you are certified, you must recertify every three years. To recertify, you must either attend a one-hour fertilizer recertification program or retake the fertilizer exam.

Recordkeeping requirements:

Fertilizer applicators must keep records of all fertilizer applications for three years. These records must include the following information:

• Name of applicator and certificate holder

• Date of application

• Location of application

• Number of acres treated

• Rate of application

• Total amount of fertilizer applied

• Fertilizer analysis

• Application method

• Soil conditions at the time of application

• Air temperature and precipitation at the time of application

• Weather forecast for the day following the application

Affirmative defense:

There is an affirmative defense for private civil action against a fertilizer applicator when three conditions are met:

• The applicator is certified or worked under the direct supervision of a certified applicator

• The fertilizer records are maintained

• The fertilizer was applied according to and in substantial compliance with a voluntary nutrient management plan (VNMP)

The Ohio Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification program is designed to ensure that fertilizer is applied in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. If you apply fertilizer to more than 50 acres of agricultural land, you must be certified.

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