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Ohio State University's $150 Million Investment Expands Campus Infrastructure
Ohio Ag Connection - 05/26/2023

Ohio State University is embarking on a significant expansion of its campus infrastructure with a $150 million investment in construction projects. These ventures, as approved by the Ohio State Board of Trustees, encompass a wide range of areas including medical facilities, academic buildings, research centers, and more.

While the construction projects span various sectors, there is a notable emphasis on farm-focused initiatives. The university's commitment to supporting agriculture and enhancing farming practices is reflected in the approval of projects such as the Waterman Multi-species Animal Learning Center.

This center, located on the agricultural campus, will serve as a cutting-edge learning laboratory where students can study and research diverse livestock animals including cows, horses, and pigs. The facility, with its interconnected barns, wet labs, and public viewing areas, will provide invaluable hands-on experiences for aspiring farmers and agricultural experts.

The renovation of Campbell Hall, an academic building that houses the College of Education and Human Ecology, highlights the university's dedication to creating a conducive environment for agricultural education. The $61.2 million facelift includes the transformation of classrooms, office areas, and computer labs, coupled with the integration of proposed greenspaces and pedestrian walkways, creating an enriching learning environment for students interested in agriculture-related fields.

Ohio State University's comprehensive construction projects signify the institution's commitment to innovation, growth, and supporting the agricultural community. By investing in state-of-the-art facilities and embracing farm-focused initiatives, the university ensures that it remains at the forefront of agricultural education, research, and advancement, contributing to the future success and sustainability of the farming industry in Ohio and beyond.

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