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Prepare Your Farm for the Eclipse
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/02/2024

Ohio farmers are gearing up for the upcoming solar eclipse event on April 8, which is anticipated to attract a significant influx of visitors to the state's rural areas. To assist farmers in safeguarding their property and managing potential risks associated with increased visitor traffic, Ohio State University's Agricultural & Resource Law Program and Ag Safety Team have outlined essential steps for farm owners:

1. Secure the Farm Property: Prioritize farm security by identifying and addressing potential hazards that may attract uninvited guests. Lock up equipment, secure hazardous materials, and post visible "No Trespassing" signs. Document security measures taken for future reference.

2. Understand Ohio Trespass Laws: Familiarize yourself with Ohio's trespass laws to ensure compliance and protect against liability. Take reasonable steps to warn trespassers of potential dangers, but avoid using excessive force or setting traps.

3. Know Responsibilities for Invited Guests: For farmers considering hosting eclipse-related activities or inviting guests onto their property, understand liability, insurance, and permit requirements. Take necessary precautions to ensure the safety of guests and compliance with legal regulations.

4. Plan Ahead for Farming Activities: Anticipate potential disruptions to farming operations during the eclipse period, such as increased traffic and delays in services. Perform routine maintenance on equipment, stock up on supplies, and minimize road travel during peak visitor times.

5. Be Prepared to React to an Incident: In the event of an incident during the eclipse event, remain calm and take appropriate action. Contact emergency services if needed, administer first aid if possible, preserve evidence, document the incident, and notify your insurance provider promptly.

By following these proactive measures, Ohio farmers can minimize risks and ensure a safe and successful solar eclipse experience on their farms.

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