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Ohio winter wheat harvest shows strong yields and progress

Ohio winter wheat harvest shows strong yields and progress

By Andi Anderson

Ohio's winter wheat harvest made significant strides last week, with growers reporting average to above-average yields, according to Ben Torrance, State Statistician at the USDA NASS, Ohio Field Office.

Topsoil moisture conditions were rated at 2 percent very short, 34 percent short, 62 percent adequate, and 2 percent surplus. The statewide average temperature for the week ending July 7 was 73.0 degrees, 1.1 degrees above normal.

Weather stations recorded an average of 0.90 inches of precipitation, just 0.01 inches above average, providing 5.2 days suitable for fieldwork.

Farmers in the southern regions of Ohio continued to report dry conditions. Despite this, the corn condition was rated 74 percent good to excellent, an improvement from the previous week.

Similarly, the soybean condition was rated 73 percent good to excellent, also showing an increase from the prior week.

The winter wheat harvest in Ohio reached 88 percent completion, with the crop condition rated at 77 percent good to excellent, up from the previous week.

Oat progress was also notable, with 84 percent headed and 3 percent mature. The condition of the oat crop was rated 82 percent good to excellent, showing a slight improvement from the previous week.

Second cuttings of alfalfa and other dry hay were reported as 55 percent and 40 percent completed, respectively. Pasture and range conditions were rated at 54 percent good to excellent.

Farmers were actively engaged inside dressing and spraying corn and other activities such as straw baling, manure spreading, and planting double-crop soybeans.

The continued favorable conditions for corn and soybeans, coupled with the rapid progress and strong yields in the winter wheat harvest, highlight a positive outlook for Ohio's agriculture.

Despite challenges posed by dry conditions in some areas, the overall crop health remains strong, showcasing the resilience and hard work of Ohio's farmers.

Ohio's winter wheat harvest is progressing rapidly with strong yields, and crop conditions for corn and soybeans are favorable.

The recent weather conditions, including slightly above-average temperatures and precipitation, have supported these positive developments. Farmers continue to manage their crops effectively, ensuring a promising season ahead for Ohio agriculture.

Photo Credit: usda

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