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Consumer Water Treatment Sales to Increase 8 Percent Annually
Ohio Ag Connection - 12/05/2018

Global demand for point-of-entry (POE) systems are forecast to grow at an 8.0% annual rate through 2022, supported by consumers who prefer to treat all the water entering the home. This is important for consumers not on municipal water lines and those receiving water from systems with insufficient treatment or poor infrastructure. Gains will also be supported by a more stable housing market, as well as increased market penetration in developing areas. These and other trends are presented in Global Consumer Water Treatment Systems, 3rd Edition, a new study from The Freedonia Group, a Cleveland-based industry research firm.

Demand for POE systems are expected to grow faster than point-of-use (POU) systems in many regions and countries, in part as a result of housing markets growing but not yet reaching pre-recession levels of production. Additionally, it reflects gains in emerging markets, which tend to have a higher share of sales in POU units during years when market penetration is low. As the market matures, POE systems are increasingly available and installed in both new and existing homes, often when a home is purchased.

Gains for POE systems will be the fastest in such emerging markets as China, India, and Brazil, driven by the need for comprehensive treatment due to municipal systems lacking sufficient facilities. Rapid gains will also result from the large Chinese market, which is expected to account for over 40% of demand gains through 2022.

The Freedonia Group, Cleveland, is a leading international industrial research company publishing more than 100 studies annually. Since 1985, we have provided research to customers ranging in size from global conglomerates to one-person consulting firms. More than 90% of the industrial companies in the Fortune 500 use Freedonia Group research to help with their strategic planning.

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