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Ohio Farm Bureau's 2024 Agricultural Action Plan
Ohio Ag Connection - 02/23/2024

As Ohio navigates the challenges in the agricultural landscape for 2024, the Ohio Farm Bureau unveils its strategic plan. The 2024 Ohio Agriculture and Rural Communities Action Plan centers around five priority issues, aiming to fortify the agricultural industry and nurture rural communities.

Priority Issues:

1. Promote a Strong Business Climate:

• Engage with Congress and Ohio General Assembly for a farm-friendly tax landscape.

• Advocate for legislation addressing farmers' labor needs.

• Support infrastructure development, including affordable broadband and transportation improvements.

• Back businesses producing value-added products from locally grown commodities.

• Enhance meat and poultry processing capacity for a resilient food system.

2. Create a Responsible Regulatory Environment:

• Advocate for a balanced regulatory framework supporting productivity and sustainability.

• Champion discussions on water quality, emphasizing objectivity and improvement in Ohio.

• Support the H2Ohio program for water quality and conservation.

• Encourage transparent processes in reviewing regulations on essential agricultural technologies.

• Promote agriculturally sourced biofuels.

3. Preserve Ohio’s Farming Heritage:

• Advocate for smart growth policies, balancing economic development and farmland preservation.

• Push for landowner protections, eminent domain reform, and agricultural easement program enforcement.

• Seek stronger requirements for local government projects impacting agricultural land.

• Engage in ballot initiatives and legal challenges to ensure farming freedom.

4. Build Healthy Rural Communities:

• Support telehealth expansion in rural areas, addressing critical health care needs.

• Strive to increase accessibility to health care services in underserved rural regions.

• Focus on grassroots initiatives for prevention strategies in agriculture.

5. Engage in Grassroots Advocacy:

• Facilitate political education and engagement during the 2024 election cycle.

• Mobilize grassroots networks to shape public policy.

• Provide communication and advocacy resources to empower members in policymaker interactions.

The Ohio Farm Bureau remains committed to navigating challenges, fostering growth, and advocating for the well-being of Ohio's agricultural and rural communities.

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