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Ohio Crop Weather Update – April 2024
Ohio Ag Connection - 04/03/2024

As Ohio's 2024 crop season commences, farmers navigate cloudy skies and cool temperatures to kick off early-season field activities. Here's a roundup of the latest crop and weather updates:

Soil Moisture and Temperature:

• Topsoil moisture levels indicate 1% very short, 6% short, 69% adequate, and 24% surplus.

• Average temperatures for the week ending March 31 hover at 46.6 degrees, slightly above normal.

• Precipitation stands at 0.81 inches, with 2.1 days suitable for fieldwork. Field Activities:

• Farmers initiate the season with fertilizer and manure applications alongside tillage.

• Recent precipitation results in some saturated fields, with reports of ponding.

• Oats witness a 1% planting rate, while winter wheat sees 4% jointed, maintaining a 67% good to excellent condition.

Fruit and Hay Development:

• Southern counties witness stone fruit and pear trees in bloom, with fruiting plants emerging from dormancy.

• Hay fields show signs of greening, benefitting from moderate temperatures and sufficient precipitation.

As Ohio's agricultural community embarks on another growing season, stay tuned for the latest updates and insights shaping the state's farming landscape.

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