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Safety concerns halt US Avocado and Mango

Safety concerns halt US Avocado and Mango

By Jamie Martin

The US has suspended avocado and mango inspections in Michoacan, Mexico, following an assault on two USDA employees.

The incident, which involved a brief detainment by local assailants, has raised significant security concerns, prompting immediate action to ensure the safety of US inspection teams.

Michoacan, a major exporter of avocados to the US, has seen its inspection processes halted as both countries work to address the safety issues.

The US Department of Agriculture's Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is directly involved, given the risk of disease transmission that could affect US crops.

The interruption is localized to Michoacan, with other Mexican states continuing their export processes unaffected. This situation echoes previous security issues in the region, including threats to US inspectors and involvement of organized crime in the avocado trade.

Efforts are underway between US and Mexican authorities to resolve the security issues swiftly, aiming to resume the vital inspections that support the trade of these significant agricultural products. Meanwhile, the industry reassures them that the incident is not connected to the avocado growers but rather local conflicts.

The pause in inspections highlights ongoing challenges in maintaining safe and secure agricultural trade routes between the US and Mexico, underlining the importance of robust international cooperation in agricultural management and safety protocols.

Photo Credit: usda

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