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Ohio corn & wheat - Leading sustainable farming with ACA

Ohio corn & wheat - Leading sustainable farming with ACA

By Andi Anderson

Ohio Corn & Wheat has partnered with the American Carbon Alliance (ACA) to advance sustainable agriculture practices. Led by CEO Tom Buis, ACA welcomes Ohio Corn & Wheat for their dedication to promoting new markets and increased demand for corn products.

Representing Ohio’s corn and small grain farmers, Ohio Corn & Wheat focuses on education, advocacy, and policy initiatives for a more sustainable future. Executive Director Tadd Nicholson highlights the significance of sustainable aviation fuel, utilizing American-grown corn ethanol to reduce carbon emissions in the aviation sector.

ACA, comprising organizations like Growth Energy and the National Corn Growers Association, strives to be a unified voice for carbon capture, ethanol production, and other stakeholders. Together, they aim to strengthen America’s agricultural economy and support domestically produced liquid fuel.

Aligned in their commitment to sustainability, Ohio Corn & Wheat and ACA collaborate to promote carbon capture and sequestration efforts. By advocating for ethanol use in aviation fuel, they not only support local farmers but also foster energy independence and environmental stewardship.

Ohio Corn & Wheat’s alliance with ACA underscores their joint efforts to address environmental challenges while enhancing the agricultural sector’s resilience. Through collective action and advocacy, they seek to create a more sustainable and prosperous future for American farmers and communities.

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