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Ohio Farm Bureau awards $57,000 in scholarships

Ohio Farm Bureau awards $57,000 in scholarships

By Andi Anderson

The Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation recently awarded more than $57,000 in scholarships to numerous students across the state. This generous initiative annually celebrates the academic achievements, community involvement, and agricultural career aspirations of students.

Amy McCormick, Board President, emphasized the foundation’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities in agriculture.

“The stories of these scholarship recipients aren’t just impressive – they’re a testament to the vibrant future of farming and food production,” McCormick stated. This sentiment underscores the foundation's dedication to nurturing the potential of young agricultural leaders.

Several scholarships were awarded under different funds, each with its unique focus and named beneficiaries:

  • Bill and Helen Swank Scholarship: Celebrates Bill Swank's 40-year contribution to the Farm Bureau and was awarded to Abigail Garland from Butler County and Sarah Hoak from Richland County.
  • Bruce and Carlene Patterson Agricultural Scholarship: Helps students from Portage County such as Claire Phillip, Halle Morehead, and Harrison Blay, aiming to reduce financial barriers in agricultural education.
  • Cindy Hollingshead Scholarship: Awarded to Haven Hileman from Scioto County and Carrie Rhoades from Darke County, in memory of Cindy Hollingshead’s extensive service and community dedication.
  • Darwin Bryan Scholarship: Supports students like Carrie Rhoades and Marissa Shook of Darke County, acknowledging Darwin R. Bryan’s influential leadership at the Ohio Farm Bureau.
  • Dr. David A. Benfield Scholarship: Granted to Natalie Osswald of Preble County, this fund focuses on students in livestock and crop sciences, reflecting Dr. Benfield's passion for agricultural education.
  • Jack Fisher Scholarship: Extended to multiple recipients across various counties including Emma Core of Allen County and Erica Patterson of Preble County, fostering necessary skills for enriching life through agriculture.
  • Joseph Kelly Memorial Scholarship: Honors Joseph Kelly’s legacy with recipients like Molly Cordonnier from Lorain County.
  • Kenny Walter Scholarship Fund: Recognizes students from northeastern Ohio, including Adeline Kendle from Tuscarawas County.
  • Lou Ann Putnam Harrold Memorial Scholarship Fund for Hardin County: Awarded to Jack Baumgartner from Hardin County, aimed at removing educational barriers.
  • Mularcik Welding Scholarship for Summit County: Encourages careers in welding with Nicholas McDuffie of Summit County as the beneficiary.
  • Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation Scholar Award: Acknowledges students like David Greene of Seneca County for their academic and community service.
  • Ohio Horsemen’s Benevolent & Protective Association Scholarship: Awarded to Harrison Blay of Portage County and Lily Swigert of Butler County, focusing on careers in food and agriculture.
  • Richard and Carole Cocks Scholarship: Benefits students like Delaney Moore of Fairfield County, recognizing parallels between engineering and farming skills.
  • Yvonne Lesicko Memorial Scholarship: Supports women in agricultural policies and related fields, awarded to individuals such as Julianne Headings of Madison County.

This extensive support from the Ohio Farm Bureau Foundation not only enhances educational opportunities but also ensures a robust future for agriculture in Ohio. "It’s our privilege to support their growth and watch them blossom. This isn’t just investment; it’s an investment in the very fabric of Ohio’s thriving agriculture scene," concluded McCormick.

Photo Credit: ohio-farm-bureau

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