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Ohio Agricultural Council Honors Hall of Fame Inductees

Ohio Agricultural Council Honors Hall of Fame Inductees

By Andi Anderson

The Ohio Agricultural Council is set to honor a new class of individuals who have made remarkable contributions to Ohio's agricultural sector at the 58th Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame induction on August 2 at the Ohio Expo Center.

The 2024 Hall of Fame ceremony will pay tribute to the late David W. Brandt of Carroll, Ohio; Bill and Janet Butler of Hillsboro, Ohio; Fred Finney of Wooster, Ohio; and the late Raymond A. Miller of Hilliard, Ohio. These individuals have left an indelible mark on Ohio agriculture through innovation, education, and leadership.

David W. Brandt, a pioneer in no-till farming and soil health, revolutionized agricultural practices with his innovative approach. Brandt's dedication to sustainable agriculture earned him numerous awards and recognition, including the Ohio Conservation Farmer Award and the No-Till Innovator Award.

Bill and Janet Butler, instrumental in transforming livestock marketing and agricultural finance in Southern Ohio, have elevated Union Stockyards to a major agricultural hub. Their commitment to education and community development has made them exemplary candidates for the Hall of Fame.

Fred Finney, a distinguished leader in Ohio's produce industry, has significantly enhanced local food markets and supply chains through his farm, Moreland Fruit Farm, and his involvement in establishing farmers' produce auctions. Finney's influence extends nationally, particularly in food safety initiatives.

Dr. Raymond A. Miller, an esteemed educator and leader within Ohio State University's College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences, impacted thousands of students during his tenure. His commitment to student success and community engagement continues to shape agricultural education in Ohio.

The Hall of Fame ceremony is expected to draw over 600 attendees, including community leaders, industry professionals, and family members, gathering to celebrate the inductees' lifelong dedication and service to Ohio agriculture. With these inductions, the Ohio Agricultural Hall of Fame proudly honors 253 individuals since its inception.

The Ohio Agricultural Council's recognition of these pioneers underscores their enduring legacy and contributions to Ohio's agricultural heritage, inspiring future generations of agricultural leaders.

Photo Credit: ohio-agriculture-council

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