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US corn exports to Mexico - Building a stronger future

US corn exports to Mexico - Building a stronger future

By Jamie Martin

Recognizing the importance of the Mexican market for U.S. corn producers, the U.S. Grains Council (USGC) recently sent a delegation to Mexico.

Led by Chair Brent Boydston and Past Chair Josh Miller, the delegation aimed to address recent concerns surrounding the corn trade between the two countries.

Recent political developments and difficulties with rail transportation have raised worries about potential disruptions to corn imports from the United States.

The USGC delegation emphasized the need for ongoing dialogue and collaboration with the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service in Mexico. This cooperation is essential to maintaining a smooth flow of corn exports.

"Open communication is vital for a healthy trade relationship," stressed Boydston. "Both U.S. farmers and Mexican importers benefit from stable corn trade. The USGC is committed to working towards solutions that ensure a successful future for this partnership."

The delegation also met with officials from a leading global food company operating in over 112 countries. The focus of this discussion was how U.S. corn producers can best cater to the company's growing demand for this essential grain.

By establishing strong connections with major food companies, the USGC aims to solidify the United States' position as the top supplier of corn for Mexican importers.

The USGC's proactive approach highlights their dedication to building strong trade partnerships and securing the long-term success of U.S. corn exports in the global market.

Photo Credit: us-grains-council

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