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Ohio reports significant progress in row crop harvest
Ohio Ag Connection - 11/14/2023

Ben Torrance, State Statistician for the USDA NASS Ohio Field Office, reported substantial progress in Ohio's row crop harvest last week, aided by favorable weather conditions.

The state enjoyed a warm week with the average temperature at 48.7 degrees, which is 5.8 degrees above the usual. Precipitation was low, averaging 0.10 inches, contributing to a predominantly adequate topsoil moisture condition.

Farmers engaged in various field activities including fertilizer application, lime spreading, and fall tillage. High corn moisture content in western counties slowed down the harvest. About 68% of corn has been harvested with a moisture content of 20%.

Soybean harvest fared better with 95% completed and a moisture content of 13% at harvest. The winter wheat showed remarkable progress with 90% emerging and an 86% rating in good to excellent condition, indicating a healthy start for this crop.

These findings reflect a productive period for Ohio's agriculture, with the harvest progressing well under supportive weather patterns. The state's agricultural sector demonstrates resilience and adaptability, efficiently managing crop harvests and preparing for the upcoming seasons.

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