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Advanced Biological Marketing Celebrates 20 Years
Ohio Ag Connection - 10/13/2020

Advanced Biological Marketing (ABM), headquartered out of Van Wert, is celebrating 20 years of serving the agricultural industry.

The 20th year in business is a milestone to be celebrated due to the hard work and dedication of the founders and team members of ABM. Their commitment to the betterment of agriculture and continuous focus on the farmer has led to their success over the years.

What started as a small marketing arm for agricultural businesses quickly grew to an organization providing better technology and innovation for farmers worldwide. Founded in July 2000, ABM built the business in a converted two car garage and employed 3 team members. Today, ABM operates globally with 41 employees, full production capabilities in-house and sales reps strategically located throughout the United States.

"Our growth throughout the years has not only allowed us to support ourselves and our business, but to allow us to provide for our employees, our customers, their families and the agricultural community as a whole," said Dan Custis, co-founder and CEO.

The technology that sets ABM apart from other companies in the biological industry is the encapsulation technology. This technology allows ABM's team to put product directly on the seed and have the much-needed extended shelf life. Not only does this give them a competitive advantage in the agricultural industry, but their continuous investment in research and technology has also allowed their team to develop various strains of Trichoderma. The Trichoderma strains developed by ABM's research and development team show promising results to growers -- including, but not limited to plant growth, yield increases, root development and resistance to abiotic stresses. ABM's team of scientists continue to bring about new findings that allow them to broaden the range of crops that they are able to apply biologicals to and continue to offer benefits for the end-user.

"Our vision and mission -- the sole reason that Advanced Biological Marketing exists -- is to be able to deliver a product to the farmer that gives him/her the return on investment they need and deserve. When the farmer is successful, we are successful. And that is our end goal," concluded Custis.

ABM thanked all its employees, customers and the community for contributing to its years of success.

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